Artist of Niuean and Nz European descent born 1990 and raised in Mount Maunganui. She works in mediums such as moving image, sound, performance and installation. Her practice is informed by her experiences as an afakasi female and uses her body as a way to facilitate terms of ‘otherness’ and also has a background in international competitive wood chopping which also has a subtle impact throughout her practice. She has completed a Masters in Art and Design and Auckland University of Technology and her projects reflects activities within the social climate of New Zealand of the Pacific Body and identity of ‘being other’, she explores the duality of the pacific community with a populace-autobiographical perspective within the western masculine framework.


Master of Art + Design. Auckland University of Auckland, 2013.


Bachelor of Visual Arts. Auckland University of Auckland, 2011.

Graduate Teaching Diploma (Secondary), University of Waikato, 2014.

“Identity cannot reside in the name you can say of the body you can see.” 

 - Maurice Merleau Ponty